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With a vision to provide sustainable and comfortable accommodation to people.

Pg on Palm was started in 2017 by Delhi University alumni.
We know the problems faced by you and therefore we customized and tried to fix most of the things that we could. From mattress quality to study chairs, we take care of everything.

We provide every facility one can require so that you don’t hassle with anything and concentrate completely on your studies, work, fun, and enjoyment.


Community Living


We at Pg on Palm, believe that networking and connections are equally important along with studies and work. Our former residents are currently working in diverse fields and hold important positions worldwide.


We are everywhere from UPSC to top management, from modeling to event industries.

We give the opportunity and platform to meet people from your field of interest, meet them ask
questions and grow together.

Always for You

From your studies to personal issues or be it any aspect of your life, you will always have us at your disposal.


Our team works 24*7 to make your life happier while you are away from your home.

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